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Multidisciplinary studioAbout us

Beindesign was created as aPlace of creativity

In 2007 we founded a multi-disciplinary design studio Beindesign, which enabled us to work on the development of independent design projects in the area of industrial design, branding and retail design, but also on a large scope of commercial work. The work in the studio allows us to create objects and visual designs that not only meet functional standards, but are also in compliance with the vision and values of our clients.

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The Studio is committed to providing absolutely the best service in the industry through our on-going commitment to quality, customer service, on-time delivery, and our devotion to meet our Clients' needs through expertise, open communication, and continual process and product improvements as the only way to reach our common goals on the market.

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Need a hand?Consulting

Need a professional opinion on the effectiveness of your existing logo, retail environment and communication strategies? Starting-up a new business and not sure where to start? Beindesign can help! Just get to pick our brains and we will help you nail down a plan for whatever it is you are heading towards. We can cover anything from a new design direction to finding a focus for your blog, sale site and social media strategies.

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A goal is a dream with a deadline.

Clients & partnersOur clients

Be the best you can bewe succeed when our clients succeed

There are four key principles which lie at the heart of everything the Beindesign studio does: firstly, a balance between style, concept and function; secondly, a brave, risk-taking approach that does not simply rely on research and strategy. We also need to be accountable, and justify the marks that we make. And finally, it is important to have fun and enjoy the process. With that kind of approach, every project is an inspiration for us, our clients and the consumers.


Our commitment, passion and attention to detail have led us to incredible opportunities. We are never satisfied with the acceptable, which is probably why so many of our clients have become our friends and have stuck with us for years.

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