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RECYCLE CAMPAIGNSakupi, Baci, Recikliraj

The program of waste separation in municipality of Arilje is a pilot project, and based on the results thereof the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protectionis planning to introduce waste separation in all the other local governments In Serbia.Beindesign was hired to do visuals for the campaign that denoted the start of the project.

Arilje recycle

For the campaign we designed a clear slogan "Sakupi, Baci, Recikliraj" (Collect-Dispose-Recycle), that in the clearest possible way represents the process of waste separation, as well the tagline that supports the main logo, "Arilje Recycle", with the idea to engage all of the citizens of municipality.

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  • Client: V+O Communications
  • Work: Branding, Copywriting

Branding SolutionsGraphic

Positive attitude for healthier environment

Implementing a successful recycling project requires willingness, understanding and close cooperation between citizens and the local authorities. The conducted survey has showed that the most interested groups were mothers and young people. The campaign objective was to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of waste separation. In addition to the waste trucks and bins designing, we have designed the rest of promotional material that followed the campaign.

City of Arilje - Recycle Campaign - Promotional Bilbord
City of Arilje - Recycle Campaign - Promotional Bilbord
City of Arilje - Recycle Campaign - Info board
City of Arilje - Recycle Campaign - Roll Up
City of Arilje - Recycle Campaign - TShirt
City of Arilje - Recycle Campaign - Pins