waste management public awareness campaign

Waste management public awareness campaignWhat can you do today?

29 September at ADA Lake the Embassy of Sweden, the Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection and EISP2 project presented the actions that households can do with their waste TODAY to fight climate change, within the Climate Village.

The Climate Village was organized during Climate Diplomacy Week, EU Delegations and the embassies of several EU Member States around the world hold events to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change, to showcase success stories and to inspire further action. Events organised during the week included conferences, citizens’ debates, exhibitions, film screenings and other outreach activities bringing together a wide range of stakeholders and communities.

What can you do today?

Beside the series of display boards main identity feature was the bag holding the expo headline.

What can you do today - Beindesign studio

  • Client:
    Brooks Hannas & Partners
  • Work: Design of board displays and promo material

Display SolutionsBoards

Methan gas polution
Waste management - Curent situation in Serbia
Waste management evolution
Project activities in Serbia
Recycle tips
Compost tips
Waste reduction
Waste management map in Serbia