Industrial design projectHanger Lamp

The story following this design project had not initially been inspired by the need to create, but by an ordinary human story. It is a story that took its time, went through bright moments and now is reaching its twilight and inevitable end.

  • Client: Self-initiated project
  • Technology: wood processing
  • Exhibitions: Belgrade Design Week, Mikser Design Festival

This is the story about a forgotten bundle of rope that found its way from the old small shops in Prokuplje to the audience who will appreciate its beauty and skill of the hand that made it. Back in 1907, in a part of Prokuplje which was the center of craft skills, the first rope manufacture was established. It sold its products mainly to farmers. Ropes made of hemp, which has a fine texture and durability, nowadays have unfortunatelybecomeuseless. This craft and its long tradition was kept against oblivion by Mr. Stevan Dinić–Jereban, the last twister in ToplicaDistrict. This kind of man, in addition to great energy,used his memory, knowledge and skills to make and sell these ropes that unfortunately nobody needs any more, except forvery few housekeepers who use them to dry the laundry, but even they also look for the synthetic ones. Damp shop, full of ropeware, tells the story of past, for us long ago forgotten and transcended time.

The story of the centuries-old traditions and skills of a forgotten craft. There will be no one to inherit or transfer the heritage from this dear old man. Old crafts are among few holders of cultural heritage and tradition, and as such we need them. In fact, industrial design evolved from skillful craftsmen. Modern society is slowly losing skills, methods and techniques of making materials that nowadays are kept from oblivion only by old and passionate lovers of their craft. Traditional crafts should be closer to modern man and should take advantage of new processing technologies to preserve and protect the knowledge and skills of old crafts against extinction, and to link their past with the needs of a modern man.

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